The Focus and Tasks of Reflective Practice (Supervision)

The Focus

The focus of reflective practice is essentially your experiences in your work, looking at these in the light of faith, enabling greater awareness of movements towards and away from God in response to all that you have to deal with.

The danger a supervisor is to avoid is trying to sort out particular situations or issues you encounter in your work.

The Tasks

These fall into three main areas:

  1. Formative

    The supervisor can be a teacher, tutor, or trainer. There is a place for:

    • theory, sharing knowledge and insights;
    • reminders about communication/listening skills, awareness of content and process, appropriate interventions, and use of silence;
    • development of self-understanding, especially your strengths and weaknesses;
    • appreciating the dynamic of the relationship between you and God;
    • identifying and clarifying any personal transference: i.e. your feelings, thoughts and imaginings about those you work with;
    • identifying and processing any countertransference: i.e. the feelings you experience: what is their source: within yourself? stimulated by or transferred by those you work with?
  2. Normative

    This area concerns standards and ethics. Supervision is the place to bring these areas of concern as they arise and encourage good practice in every way. It takes in the norms of the work situation and, of course, of the kingdom.

  3. Restorative

    Supervision offers a place in which to:

    • discharge feelings: if these are not attended to they will push you around! Own them, claim them and put them out. Become aware of the graces that are needed so that these can be asked for personally in prayer.
    • experience support and affirmation, and where appropriate, challenge or correction, and so enable self-appraisal and avoidance of any self-judgement.

Reflective Practice/Supervision is essentially:

  1. a way of empowering you to be more effective;
  2. a way of helping you to develop your own internal supervisor as a support to working more effectively.