Letting Go

It is time to go.
I can smell it,
Breathe it
Touch it.
And something within me
I will not cry,
Only sit bewildered,
Brave and helpless
That it is time.
Time to go.
Time to step out
of the world
I shaped and watched
Time to let go
Of the status and
The admiration.
Time to go.
To turn my back
On a life that throbs
With my vigor
And a spirit
That soarded
Through my tears.
Time to go
From all that I am
To all that I have
Not yet become.
I will not cry
But tremble
At the death
Within me
And sob
At the grief
That heaves
My soul.
Time to go.
Lonely, brave
That stands
Erect and smiling
Whilst my very being
In utter nakedness.

Edwina Gateley